Monday, March 29, 2010

Burn, Baby Burn!

The fire has been pretty sweet lately...after spending most of the winter skimping by on wet alder and a bit of birch we finally got a good wood groove goin'! My husband found a batch of white birch from the valley which showed up about the same time as the spruce being sold by my kids school as a fundraiser, along with some nice alder poles from our woodsmith, Sandy Stuart, we are back on track...and then some! We are now firing only once a day, starting around 3 pm and hitting the 750 degree mark around 6 pm when we close it up. by the next morning, it's hot enough for bagels and breads and whatever Abbey or Sharon throw it's afternoon it's still hot enough for cookies, cakes or whatever else is on the baking list...that is, until it's time to start the process all over again!


Anita said...

I haven't read your blog for a while...just plain too busy as I'm sure you can imagine. Just popped in to check things out around 4pm this afternoon and saw this post as I run from office to oven loading wood, checking the fire, watching the temperature creep higher. We have no lack of wood up here in Talkeetna, just lack of time! Our piles of birch and bits of spruce thrown in lie lined up and waiting for the cantankerous log splitter. My husband has replaced enough parts on his chainsaw that he's working on his first invoice to the bakery for firewood! Sure wish I could get away for a visit to Homer!

Carri said...

Hey Anita!
Yeah, I would love to come to Talkeetna, also! I thought about you when we got this wood shipment in, you do have a good supply! My husband enthusiastically gathered wood for us, too, until the physical toll and general pain in the up keep of broken equipment, he started seeking out other suppliers for us, we are very grateful!

chef4cook said...

I wish I was there! I love the whole baking thing. Especially bread. There is just something about working the dough that is so satisfying to my soul.