Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Love Extravaganza!

 After 11 years and two children, 'sister'  Sharon and her partner Dale finally got hitched for reals. It's been a productive union involving negotiating early morning bakers hours and, oddly enough, the procurement of recycled paper products. We are glad they finally decided to tie the knot, because it was, truly, the party of the summer!
                                                       Salmon and kabobs on the grill 
Many Thanks go out to Ryan and Brianna, Natalia, Irene, and Red for helping to wrangle the food and to Maggie and Rachel for setting up the bar and serving the signature cocktail of lemon syrup, small batch vodka and soda water with a little mint...very refreshing for what turned out to be one of the most pleasant afternoons we've had in this very rainy summer! We closed the bakery on Sunday for the wedding, but were back at it the next morning...Yay for Abbey, Ben, Shea and the whole Monday crew for toughing it out with me through the busy day, no matter how tired or hungover we all were...good times!
Update 8/26/10: A few very important Thank You's i forgot to include above: Hayley and Chase for taking care of the coffee and to the wonderful Corina for spending the morning of the wedding with us at the bakery putting together beautiful trays for the appetizer table while my awesome daughters filled and frosted 300 cupcakes...Thank You also to all the friends and relatives who helped Sharon and Dale pull this off...we love you!