Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holiday Cookies r us!

Yesterday began the crazy phenomena that is, what we like to call...'cookie nirvana'. The full list is still a work in progress, I expect to publish in the mext day or two. What I do have now are Maple Butter cut-outs, Lavender shortbread, Green tea shortbread, Pumpkin cookies, Ginger Sables, Parisian Macarons and Chocolate gingerbread. Today I plan to make some Peanut Butter kisses and coconut macaroons and more! We are selling them for 9.50 per pound this year and they weren't in the case for more than a few minutes before we sold our first box...one lady came back twice for the parisian macarons! So,it's off we go...to the land where cookies rule, and customers drool!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bread Goddess!

Thank You, Sharon, for getting up at such impossible hours to provide us with such wonderful Bread! Especially today when the second half of your day involved driving four hours to Anchorage to get on a plane with your two little boys! We hope you have a fantastic time visiting your family and that the travels are all smooth...just like this day was, because of you! We'll be closed on Thanksgiving but will reopen at 7 am on Friday with a totally turkey free day! Roast beef focaccias for everybody! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pie Town!

The pies are sliding out of the oven as we speak! These are blueberry lattice tops and double crust apple...lookin' good! We have sweet potatoe pecan and pumpkin coming out as well! The bakery is a cozy place to be today with the rain pouring down outside...ruining our beautiful snow fall from the other day, we were so looking forward to sledding on thanksgiving! It's one more reminder that just because we live in Alaska, doesn't mean winter is a sure thing...darkness, now that's a sure thing! and pie, pie is also a very sure thing! We'll be open tomorrow until all the orders are gone and we can't stand it anymore...I'd say probably around 5...but we might make it til 6, you never know!

Friday, November 16, 2007

maple carmels...oh my!

Yo, I shoulda made this photo bigger , cause these are rocking good! Maple syrup, brown sugar and cream with a little butter stirred in at the end...brilliant! One thing...I should've added a little salt, next time I will, you can be sure of it! The Thanksgiving train is leaving the station with the orders starting to roll in...pies, cheesecakes, lots of bread, of course! We'll be baking up a storm right through the holiday, so if you need something, give us a call or stop on by!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Macaron Madness!

I went nuts for these cookies on a trip to San Fransisco a few years back, during a visit to Pascal Rigo at Bay Bread Boulangerie. He graciously gave me a tour of his very authentic storefront and amazing production bakery in the back...I left feeling very inspired and more than a little full from all the macarons. They haunted me until one day, I received Pascal's cookbook in the mail and there it was, the recipe for my favorite cookie ever! I've tried to make them a few times before this without great success...perhaps I just wasn't paying close enough attention. With the holiday cookie season looming, I decided to try again yesterday. I first tried the brick oven, but no , too hot. Hey,it's always good luck to burn the first batch right? (i know, i just made that up) Well it worked for me! Then second time I put them in the convection and did not forget them (key point) and look they are beautiful!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Welcome to our new websight!

My blogging days have been taken over by websight revamping...my excuse for not having posted in so long! if you did not get to this blog through our websight...go check it out at our same address...twosistersbakery.net. and let me know what you think! I can make changes in a snap, so if you see something amiss...well you can be sure i want to make it right. I'm ready to get down to baking...enough of all this computer who-ha1 We are almost ready for the holiday baking madness as we assemble our lists and decide which cookies will make the cut and which ones will sit on the sidelines. I made raspberry macaroons today...I think they are definitely on the to do list! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so get your orders in now! In all the craziness, now, don't forget to enjoy the season! -Carri