Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Holiday Train has left the station!

view from the baking table- Thanks Hilary!

These candy colored sunrises are the best part of winter mornings...besides being in a warm, happy bakery! 
The holidays are bearing down on us like a loud freight train, but, never fear, we are ready to climb aboard! We'll be packing lots of holiday cookies in our bags and eating hearty and delicious soup and sandwiches along the way...I think we'll also bring along a couple of these:

The first Yule Log rolled of the line last week where it was sliced and scarfed during the evening dinner service. Want one of your very own? Give us a call! (907)235-2280.
We are open throughout the holiday season, closing only Christmas Day. Dinners will be Thursday through Saturday that week, too. Come down and celebrate with us!
Another exciting note: 
Brianna Bryngelson's paintings are up and brightening our must come and see them for yourself...they are the perfect tonic for the winter blues!