Thursday, December 4, 2014


A Holiday Poem, in pictures. (with allegory)

Here is the Church:

Here is the Steeple

Open the Doors

                                                  And See All The People!

Happy Holidaze!!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Summer it really over?

Summer 2014 began with a bang! Little Delaney came into our world at the end of May and things haven't quite been the same around here since. Born to Jill, one of the best managers this bakery ever had...Here she is with Maya, oldest bakery baby who turned 21 this summer. That's a lot of buns in baby years.
We slammed through June pumping out some beautiful catering events along with the nonstop daily routine of feeding everyone who makes their way down to our little corner of the beach.

And the flowers were incredible! Our tables were filled with Homer grown flowers all summer long. 

The produce was the best we have ever seen thanks to so many quality producers in the area, cabbages bigger than a basketball. 

We did our best to make it look real good! 

Green tomato jam min'

Green tomatoes from our local growers, the season turns so quickly they didn't have a chance! 
So green tomato jam was on the list this week. A childhood favorite of mine that lives in the musty corners of my brain. I remember eating it and exclaiming, "this can't possibly be Green tomatoes! And I couldn't get enough. I resurrected the process as best I could with a two to one ratio of fruit to sugar by weight. Macerating them overnight in the sugar, I then cooked them with a little lemon peel and juice for about 3 hours until it was reduced and the tomatoes took on a candied quality. So different and delicious, my mind is reeling with the possibilities! 

                              But on fresh bread with lots of butter is still the best of all!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A few good things to share...

Miso glazed Octopus with pickled onion and lemon horseradish vinaigrette
Wild Ramps, Thanks You Todd and Beth Boling for the wonderful gift!
New Wine!

Making Spring

We are still getting cabbages from one of our local growers who managed to cold storage them through the winter. An amazing feat, though this has been a mild warm winter as far as those things go this far north. With the long days of sunshine have come chilly nights so things are melting kind of slow and taking a bit longer than we would like to get started. Really, we have a good month before the chance of snow is gone so no green sprouts, no fiddleheads or nettles or baby lettuces for quite a while. Which brings us back this beautiful Homer-grown cabbage. How to make it bright and spring-like both to the eye and the tongue? Pickling is usually a fall sport, I know, but there is no better way to liven a dish than a little pickled something. And today, this cabbage is that perfect something.

Mama mooses are everywhere and they are huuungry!