Thursday, January 17, 2008

Welcome to our winter wonderland!

WOW! We are living in a snow that has been taken over by a 2 year old and constantly being shaken! It's been great to have consistant snow since we all know it could just as easily be 4o degrees and raining! There is a big ski race in town this weekend called the Besh's out at McNeil Canyon School and is a great community event...come show your support for your favorite skier! The Bakery is getting ready for a few extra people to be in town over the 3 day holiday...that for us means more STICKY BUNS! Well and sandwiches and soup and, oh yeah, there's the Ham yummy! We are here, baking away while the snow snows and the storms rage on the beach...every once in a while our friend Randy Keller dashes into the bathroom to change into his drysuit and then he runs down down to Bishops beach to kayak surf. Gnarly Dude! Maybe the waves will be good this weekend and we can have a skiing, surfing, sticky bun triathlon! You know which leg I'm going to be doing!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The little Croissant that could!

The one thing about slow winter days is that we get to try new things, while I realize croissants themselves are not new, the idea of us making them IS! Sharon finally acted on her urge to add another dough rolling task to our day (she must think my arms need toning) and made true croissant, we've always made our own Danish dough, a "rough puff' if you will, but we hadn't gone all the way to really testing our laminated dough skills by making the real deal...and what a deal it is! so light, so flaky! Can we make them everyday? (I really could use the exercise!:)- Carri

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year!

2008 is gonna be great! At least that's what my dear old friend Betty Snow whispered in my ear on her most recent visit here to the bakery...I agreed with her enthusiastically and walked away thinking that if Betty...getting on in years as she is, could get excited about the new year, then I surely could,too! We love new things around spatulas, new towels...most especially new shoes, but new Years? sure! why not?! We have lots to look forward to with some minor building renovations and a super staff to take us into spring, which will be here before you know it! I've made my resolution to de-clutter my life...both for the bakery and myself...sounds good doesn't it? We'll see how I do! As for those of you out there with a little bakery in your heart, Happy New Year to you...may you live long and prosper! Now go out and enjoy the Snow! Much love to all, 'sister' Carri