Thursday, January 10, 2008

The little Croissant that could!

The one thing about slow winter days is that we get to try new things, while I realize croissants themselves are not new, the idea of us making them IS! Sharon finally acted on her urge to add another dough rolling task to our day (she must think my arms need toning) and made true croissant, we've always made our own Danish dough, a "rough puff' if you will, but we hadn't gone all the way to really testing our laminated dough skills by making the real deal...and what a deal it is! so light, so flaky! Can we make them everyday? (I really could use the exercise!:)- Carri


rouftop said...

mmm, plz send two dozen to sharon's brother quick!

Shawn said...

I was going to try croissants sometime this winter, but I heard that you'll have much better luck with a high-fat butter - and who knows where I'd find that in VT. Any advice before I start?

Anonymous said...

Michael, we'll send those out...stat!'re right,a european style butter would be great, but as we are not in, you know, EUROPE, we'll have to make do...they came out great!(wish we were seeing you in Hawaii)