Thursday, May 19, 2011

Road Tripping...NYC

I had always heard that spring is one of the best seasons to visit New York City. The flowers are abundant and the tourists not so much. This spring with daughter #1 graduating from high school and looking at colleges on the east coast, the girls and I decided it was time. And we were right on, the flowers were amazing. 

In fact everything we saw was amazing.

even the do not disturb sign from our hotel.
(Speaking of our hotel, their Cafe Gitane completely stole my heart)

We checked out a few places we had only read about in books: 

what a delicious storfront Amy's has!
Took in a concert, Cake, at Terminal 5, then grabbed a cab across town to Momofuku Milk Bar for late night steamed pork buns and birthday cake truffles...(That David Chang totally has it going on) Scored tickets to Robin Williams' play 'Bengal Tiger at the Bagdad Zoo' on Broadway and all of us were moved to tears and laughter all at the same time.
We even managed to get side tracked in a bookstore or two...The Strand has had more than one lost literary casualty who never wants to leave, I was certain my girl would not be the first. I purchased a copy of Patti Smith's 'Just Kids' not knowing her last 'regular' job was at the legendary bookstore. Reading it brought NYC alive again on the trip home...

                          But wait,  my personal favorite was Easter Sunday Brunch at Balthazar

Which also happened to be my present. ever.

Thanks to Moni, the most fabulous sister in law in the world for joining us and her daughter Kayte for coming along and keeping things lively...we had so much fun! 
Next Stop: Burlington Vermont and Marlboro College...put your epic boots on!