Saturday, November 30, 2013

The days are just packed!

the view from here on a sunny fall day
My bad for having not written in so long. It's not like there hasn't been anything to write about. Seriously, there has been way too much! Since I last sat down to write, we have been on TV (thanks Alie and Georgia!), had a baby (We love you Carla and Dan and baby Elli), Got married, not once (Congratulations to Jill and Luke!) but TWICE (Bri and Ryan, we are so happy for you!). We also had two production companies talk to us about reality shows, both were prefaced with, "we've always wanted to do a show in Alaska!" One was an extreme cakes show with Sharon creating elaborate fondant cakes and Niko delivering them by dog sled (only Sharon doesn't do fondant and Niko doesn't dog sled) and the other was going to be about plus size sisters making big fun in the 49th state, (right, except we are not exactly plus size and we are not exactly sisters, so yeah, but no).

no matter what is going on, there is always something good on the rack!

Sharon and I both went to Paris, though sadly not together, and to top it off, Morgan and I met our heroes while going MAD in Copenhagen (check out the videos of some of the presentations we saw, so amazing! I still hope to write a post all about it). While all that was going on the bakery hummed it's busy, happy tune as we enjoyed one of the busiest retail summers we have ever had. It seems like we had our share of broken refrigerators and other curve balls, but all in all their were fewer tears, and for THAT we are ever grateful. And as we head into the dark of this winter season, we are also thankful for the smiles across the counter that warm us and we know the love from our customers will light our way through these coming days of darkness.

Happy Thanksgiving!