Friday, September 30, 2016

Falling Forward

The light floods the kitchen this time of year as the arc of the sun dips below the edges of the porch roof spilling blinding gold on the sandwich board a few hours a day. It's our favorite season here, the summer crowds are gone, the weather is still nice and when the sun is out, you just can't beat these fall days.

We are taking advantage of the slower time and moving ahead with our new test kitchen up and running (transforming a former B&B room to house a cold storage closet, veggie and dish sinks and workstations with a view of the ocean;)
AND closing Sundays!
With football season upon us, the bakery slows waaaayyy down on Sundays. A good time to clean the greasetrap and defrost the freezers, because we do know how to have a GOOD TIME, lol! Who doesn't want to spend their weekends doing that? You can tell we are not football fans!