Sunday, September 30, 2007

The BEAT goes ON!

We just hired a couple more barista's and a new baker in training, Welcome to Matthew, Rachel and Ryan! Fall always brings a change in flow as well as's been fun to get to know some new people and feed on their enthusiasm. We have a strange thing happening with our connection to Drummers! Actually, it's musicians in general, really, but drummers in particular. We are are at 5 drummers, currently, two of them are named Matt. What does this have to do with Baking? I'm not sure, but, I'm thrilled really...Music is what gets us through the day and honestly, and when Haven plays the steam pitchers with the sprayer, it makes my day! I think it's what sets us apart from the other places to hang out. So, here's a big Thanks to everyone who has added to our IPOD and all the employees who bring their music style with truly makes this a more enjoyable place to work! Rock on, people, rock on! Oh, and Morgan, Corina, Tory and Emily...Have fun in Mexico! (Happy Birthday to Ben and Corina!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Harvest time!

The root vegetables are flooding in! Todays soups are all from local farmers...Kalugins potatoe leek and Castellani market veg. Yum! We are hunkering down for some windy wet weather which always means lots of soup goes out the door and into peoples tummies.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's a BLT kind of Day...

The crazy hurricane like weather of yesterday has subsided into a nice mellow overcast day today...a good day for a walk on the spit trail before work...when I walked into the bakery a little before 10 am Tim had the BLT baby baguttes sandwiches all laid out on the baking board...don't they look lovely? Don't you just want to eat one?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

thank you for calling Two sisters Bakery, if you would like to know the soup of the day, please press 1...

Here we go! Back to the routine of school and work...wait a minute...we always work...anywhoo, it's that time of year, when the people just want to KNOW..."What's the soup today?" is currently top phone inquiry...I have to say the soups have been rocking good lately! (today was indian lentil and garlicky potato) I'm considering adding a page to the websight for specials updated I crazy? It would be nice to give people a way to find out without having to call The funniest part of my bakery day was reading about a deconstructed caesar salad make with an 8 hour egg (I'm afraid to ask!) and olive oil and anchovy ice cream! These people are killing me! Morgan came up with the idea of having a 'deconstructed day' at the bakery...can you just see it? The possibilties are endless! We still need to come up with an end of the year employee partay! Now come on me out here...ideas anyone?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

What the heck?

Here we are...just trying to be a bakery and all, when we get a little caught up in the more emotional side of what it means to have so many people to keep track of...and the bakery is nothing if not a place where we can all check in and be supported. Red is now officially on her own with Raspberry Lane Prechool and we are so excited for her! You go girl! there is a certain amount of satisfaction derived from making something happen and our dear 'Miss Red" has certainly made it all happen! We also had to say good bye to Irene today as she was flying off to Portland for winter of ...? I'm sure she'll be hooking up with Paolo Nutini and the band...I told her to say Hey from Me...Their biggest fan! Otherwise, the Bakery is in fall mode with a little mellower schedule (but no less Drama!) , it's nice to see our locals returning that were too put off by the crowds...we do wonder,though...What happened to Winslow? Anybody with answers to that one...let us know!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fall Rules!

Yes! we made it past Labor Day weekend! Thank You to Carmen and Danell at SPIT SISTERS for such a great summer! I definitely think the symbiotic relationship between the two is the reason for our subsequent successes. These girls make us look good and hopefully visa versa! Regardless, we LOVE you girls and hope you have a most excellent winter! Also,big congrats go out to Homer Hounds who have really filled a niche in Homer we didn't even know was there...Corina and Tory, you rock the (dog)house! This brings us to Red and Anna who are rallying to move the preschool to an awesome location right next to the Bakery...We are psyched! Thanks to Morgan Peters, cake decorator extraordinaire and soon to be Dog mushing champion, for her participation in the Iron Chef competition...She took 2nd place along with Teri Robl...Congratulations on a job well done! We have the best employees ever and look forward to an interesting winter as we watch everyone come and go...Morgan to Mexico, Johnny to New Zealand, Andrew to Bike school in Portland...Irene....where were you going again? We love and are so grateful for all of you! Rock on people...weecha!