Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fall Rules!

Yes! we made it past Labor Day weekend! Thank You to Carmen and Danell at SPIT SISTERS for such a great summer! I definitely think the symbiotic relationship between the two is the reason for our subsequent successes. These girls make us look good and hopefully visa versa! Regardless, we LOVE you girls and hope you have a most excellent winter! Also,big congrats go out to Homer Hounds who have really filled a niche in Homer we didn't even know was there...Corina and Tory, you rock the (dog)house! This brings us to Red and Anna who are rallying to move the preschool to an awesome location right next to the Bakery...We are psyched! Thanks to Morgan Peters, cake decorator extraordinaire and soon to be Dog mushing champion, for her participation in the Iron Chef competition...She took 2nd place along with Teri Robl...Congratulations on a job well done! We have the best employees ever and look forward to an interesting winter as we watch everyone come and go...Morgan to Mexico, Johnny to New Zealand, Andrew to Bike school in Portland...Irene....where were you going again? We love and are so grateful for all of you! Rock on people...weecha!

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