Sunday, September 30, 2007

The BEAT goes ON!

We just hired a couple more barista's and a new baker in training, Welcome to Matthew, Rachel and Ryan! Fall always brings a change in flow as well as's been fun to get to know some new people and feed on their enthusiasm. We have a strange thing happening with our connection to Drummers! Actually, it's musicians in general, really, but drummers in particular. We are are at 5 drummers, currently, two of them are named Matt. What does this have to do with Baking? I'm not sure, but, I'm thrilled really...Music is what gets us through the day and honestly, and when Haven plays the steam pitchers with the sprayer, it makes my day! I think it's what sets us apart from the other places to hang out. So, here's a big Thanks to everyone who has added to our IPOD and all the employees who bring their music style with truly makes this a more enjoyable place to work! Rock on, people, rock on! Oh, and Morgan, Corina, Tory and Emily...Have fun in Mexico! (Happy Birthday to Ben and Corina!)

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