Sunday, September 9, 2007

What the heck?

Here we are...just trying to be a bakery and all, when we get a little caught up in the more emotional side of what it means to have so many people to keep track of...and the bakery is nothing if not a place where we can all check in and be supported. Red is now officially on her own with Raspberry Lane Prechool and we are so excited for her! You go girl! there is a certain amount of satisfaction derived from making something happen and our dear 'Miss Red" has certainly made it all happen! We also had to say good bye to Irene today as she was flying off to Portland for winter of ...? I'm sure she'll be hooking up with Paolo Nutini and the band...I told her to say Hey from Me...Their biggest fan! Otherwise, the Bakery is in fall mode with a little mellower schedule (but no less Drama!) , it's nice to see our locals returning that were too put off by the crowds...we do wonder,though...What happened to Winslow? Anybody with answers to that one...let us know!

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katrick80 said...

Winslow's missing?!?! I hope you guy's have found him since this was written make him eat a Quichee and an extra goody for me!