Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Macaron Madness!

I went nuts for these cookies on a trip to San Fransisco a few years back, during a visit to Pascal Rigo at Bay Bread Boulangerie. He graciously gave me a tour of his very authentic storefront and amazing production bakery in the back...I left feeling very inspired and more than a little full from all the macarons. They haunted me until one day, I received Pascal's cookbook in the mail and there it was, the recipe for my favorite cookie ever! I've tried to make them a few times before this without great success...perhaps I just wasn't paying close enough attention. With the holiday cookie season looming, I decided to try again yesterday. I first tried the brick oven, but no , too hot. Hey,it's always good luck to burn the first batch right? (i know, i just made that up) Well it worked for me! Then second time I put them in the convection and did not forget them (key point) and look they are beautiful!

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