Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holiday Cookies r us!

Yesterday began the crazy phenomena that is, what we like to call...'cookie nirvana'. The full list is still a work in progress, I expect to publish in the mext day or two. What I do have now are Maple Butter cut-outs, Lavender shortbread, Green tea shortbread, Pumpkin cookies, Ginger Sables, Parisian Macarons and Chocolate gingerbread. Today I plan to make some Peanut Butter kisses and coconut macaroons and more! We are selling them for 9.50 per pound this year and they weren't in the case for more than a few minutes before we sold our first box...one lady came back twice for the parisian macarons! So,it's off we go...to the land where cookies rule, and customers drool!


Spit Sisters Cafe said...

mmmmm, lavender shortbread! do you think that maybe you guys would like a guest barista one morning in december? i would like that. xoxo carmie

Kanani said...

I've eaten at your bakery! I LOVED your bakery.
Good to see you on Ruhlman's blog. I'll swing by here often.