Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's a soup day!

Yet another storm is brewing to blow and rain and rain and blow...enough already! Even the wood oven is having a hard time keeping pace...what's a bunch of baker girls to do? Well, we plan and scheme and try to get ready for the next big thing! We are hoping to expand our storage and enclose a porch...maybe even buy a new espresso machine! It really does make these challenging weather days more exciting when we use this time to dream big! The summer hires are already jockeying for position (it looks like a most excellent and fun crew!) we may have a good part of our schedule already 'fleshed' out!

Today was a day of hearty soups and yummy seeded millet bread...Hearty Mediterranean Lentil stew and a spicy Rockfish Chowder were a warm accompaniment for that special bread.


Holly O'Leary said...

Carri, Kate and Sharon! I miss you all and wish i was there right now eating a yummy baked thing and catching up. I must come soon for a visit and bring Ed (that great guy i married and an Anchorage guy from way back). Hope all is well. Love reading your blog. Oh, and I was so tickled to see my name on your merch page. teehee. Tell everyone howdy!
Holly (Koons) O'Leary

Anonymous said...


I just found your site. Love your blog and wish I lived in Alaska...okay, I can't live in Alaska, the whole snow and bull moose roaming through the front yard thing isn't going to cut it for me, but I do wish you guys were running a shop here in NYC. Your stuff sounds scrumptious!

I'll be checking in!


Carri said...

Hey Kim! I recognize you from the ruhlman blog...thanks for stopping by! We'll 'leave the light on for ya'!