Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring News...

It is coming fast and furious...spring in homer is a dizzying affair. One minute it is snowing, the next its raining. It makes driving treacherous and me mad at my husband that he took the studs off my car so soon! We are seeing the signs of life that come first in the spring rush...daffodils and tulips are showing buds and I bet if I sneak over to the old house where Raspberry Lane preschool used to be there is a big patch of crocuses blooming brightly under the porch. I should go and dig up just one and bring it to the bakery own little gem. The pussy willows,too, are just popping and the rhubarb looks like the alien is ready to give birth! We are saving our coffee grounds and spreading them for compost on the gardens. It seems like it will help counter all the salt in the soil from being so close to the ocean. Gardening here has proved to be a huge challenge! We all were excited to have a yard here at the new building, but our proximity to the onshore winds and constant people, dog and MOOSE (they mowed down the roses!) traffic really test both our plants and our patience. When the wildflowers bloom...yarrow, tiny violas and the regal and spectacular fireweed, I wonder why I think I can plant a more beautiful garden than mother nature...left to her own devices, she does a spectacular job! The shorebirds are coming...Both the Shore bird and Wooden Boat festivals begin May 8th and we have Bruce Cockburn coming to town to kick things off! He'll be staying with us upstairs...We try to accommodate as many of the visiting musicians as possible...we trade for tickets to shows and in turn we give them a nice cozy room, beautiful views, great food and a authentic 'local' experience. Plus, we get to meet them! It's one of the fun parts of the job, for sure!
The Bakery itself is coming together, though we are still waiting on the refridgerator that needs to be installed before we can bring in the first pallet of's always something!

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