Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Love is in the air...

The first wedding cakes of the season went out his weekend. This lovely cake went out to Land's End Resort at the end of the spit for a local (Sterling) couple. The room was dressed to the nines with white and green being the predominate colors...it was a very serene scene.

Cake number two had to be boxed in pieces to be flown on a small (I mean sits four people small) plane and flown over to the village of Port Graham. This always a little stressful (hence, no photos...I was too distracted!) since the cake has to be completely assembled in the bakery, chilled thoroughly overnight and flowers added (in resevoirs, because they need to stay fresh for 24 hours!) then taken apart again and securely boxed to be jammed around by less than careful pilots only to sit around who knows where to be put together by who knows whom. It is an incredible leap of faith on both my part, in that the cake will be handled carefully by all and the bride and groom's, in that they just want it all to be beautiful and delicious!
I sure hope it worked out...

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The LaVya Initiative said...

Beautiful! Wish you could have done my cake. My nerves are on edge just reading about having to transport and reassemble cake #2. It gives a whole new meaning to having something flown in. I hope the couple sends you some pictures--especially after all that! What a great wedding memory.