Friday, July 17, 2009

Hedwig does Homer

Hedwig and the Angry Inch wrapped up their performances at Down East Salloon this week, culminating in an amazing final performance on Wednesday night when all of Homer's Finest came out in all their glory! (I was sadly not one of them, I'm so sorry!) Sharon and the rest of the crew made it to the fundraiser event earlier in the summer for the Kachemeak Bay Family Planning Clinic. Even Sharon's partner Dale got into character for that one and was last seen that night making out with the drummer...oops! (did i get that part of the rumour correct? 'cause you know I want to get it right!)
Huge kuddos go to Irene and Ben for working so hard on this project while at the same time getting their asses kicked on a daily basis here at the Bakery! Bakers by day, Rock Stars by night...that's why we love them!
And to everyone who performed: Congratulations to all of you....BRAVO!
p.s. if I can get a hold of some video I will link it here...
(Atz Kilcher made for a stunning Hedwig...he may have a future in this, no?)

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