Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This baby is almost grown!

My Arkansas Traveler heirloom tomato baby has grown into it's own. I have faithfully watered, fertilized and trimmed...even going so far as to have a friend come and tend to it while I was up in Anchorage for a few days. All that care and attention has led to this:
and with the ripening comes the inevitable time to pick and eat and, well, be fully realized.
Along those very same lines, 16 years ago I nursed a different sort of living thing into the world...a human thing. I wasn't at all sure how to care for this living being at first, but I faithfully watered, fed and nurtured, going so far as to enlist the help of a whole town (it takes a village, you know). And now all this care and attention has led to this:
Saying goodbye to her for a whole year while she goes to school in the Netherlands to grow and learn and, yes, start on her way to becoming fully realized.
It's good thing I have the bakery to keep me busy and two other young humans to nurture, or else there would be tomato plants everywhere!


Debbie said...

Oh you are brave to send the "almost grown one" off to the Netherlands. It's hard isn't it. My middle one (21) leaves for Uganda in a week to do a semester of study. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carri, we are looking forward meeting Maya Friday next week! The whole family (Henri, Gjalt, Wencke and me) will welcome her at Amsterdam airport and we will take good care of her! I hope she doesn't grow as big as your tomato but we can not guarantee this!



Carri said...

Hi Paula! We are very excited you all will be there. We have great relief in knowing she will be so welcomed by your family. We will miss her, but look forward to getting new friends in you all in return!
Debbie...it's true it's hard...hard not to stowaway in her backpack!

Ozoz said...

To the Netherlands (... my current home!) Wow she can visit us anytime....we're in Wassenaar. Just let me know ok. My kids are still babies (in fact I feel as if I just left home not too long ago). Anyway, glad your tomatoes ripened unlike mine last year. I ended up with a whole tree of green tomatoes in October, which ended up in a green tomato chutney so all things work together for good!