Monday, May 3, 2010

Life springs eternal

The snow is the lower elevations, anyway and nothing says spring like the sprouts of a Rhubarb in our own yard, these will be pie soon...just you watch. We are busy beyond our capacity...hence my lack of recent posts. I think we are starting to see the summer, and as our staff creates itself, we can begin to compose the roster and get our schedules figured out. Like the rhubarb emerging, we have people making their way to us, it's an organic process, with alot of faith in the universe thrown in! It's looking like a fun crew and a busy summer with the famers market, weddings scheduled almost every weekend (not to mention Sharon and Dale's on the 15th of August, it's going to be the party of the summer, I assure you!) and the never ending cookbook project to keep us occupied. If anyone wants to test recipes for us, check in over at the recipe blog and we'll send some stuff your way! Spring is also big for birthdays around here with Sharon at the end of March, Kate at the beginning of April, then Mel in mid-month and me towards the end. One of the highlights of my day (besides all the fantastic people who came to celebrate at our bonfire!) was Hayley and her burning poi balls, which she used to put on an amazing show once the sun finally went down.

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maya grace said...

love the poi! wish i could have been there, i miss bonfires and potlucks and all the lovin going on.. soon enough! xxmaya