Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let the wild rumpus begin!

We quietly opened for real last night to a few reservations on the books and my kids as the first table. It was a poignant scene for me as I had left the restaurant world and began the bakery when I started having kids. Now that they are so big, I get to revisit that dream. With such a talented and fun staff to help me and an amazing place like this to work in, it is all I could have ever asked for!
Last friday we had a practice night where we invited friends and a few loyal customers to help us 'play restaurant'. It allowed us to try out the menu and figure out how to transform the bakery into a bistro for the evenings. Sharon brought her family in and Irene's came, too. Even my husband John joined friends for a lovely evening of amazing food and dreams come true. It was such a huge success we decided to open in earnest this weekend. To keep it from getting too crazy, we let it go 'round by word of mouth for this week, so as to not be overwhelmed. It was a perfect mix of walk-ins and reservations giving everyone a little practice with time to breathe in between. We'll do it again tonight and, with luck, be ready when the ads hit the papers and the radio this week...let the wild rumpus begin!
I'll post a pic of the menu when I get to work today. This week it's beef shanks and fresh cod. Next week cuban style ribs that'll spice up your February!
Hours are Friday and Saturday 6 - 9 pm. Reservations encouraged. phone (907)235-2280.


Anonymous said...

So glad to see this sweet vision come to life for you! Your inspirations are never ending and our community is the beneficiary….. can’t wait to come and sample your savory meals.
~ Gerri

Anonymous said...

Awesome can't wait to try it sometime I know it will be fabulous as your food has always been.

Unknown said...

Carri--I love love love this says so much on so many levels. Congratulations on the "addition" and on the dinner addition--roasted apple cheesecake with salted caramel sauce?! OMG that sounds fabulous. Preceded by the eggplant cakes and roasted vegetable gateau....please keep posting the menu--I LOVE reading each item-- Reservations for June 17, party of 6 please!

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