Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scary Treats and good eats!

Things got a little spooky around here this past week. You could find yourself dipping a severed finger into your tea or sucking on an eyeball along with that chocolate mousse. 
Things have settled down a bit and we are getting some spots of sun in along with all the snow that came our way on Halloween. Even a tray of mushrooms is elevated to high art in this light. 

Once they are chopped up they are transformed into another work of art. 

Rockfish Pasta with roasted mushrooms and kale with capers in a mustard cream sauce tossed with housemade pasta. Now THAT'S what's for dinner.
(Dinners run Wednesday thru Saturday 6-9 pm)

1 comment:

Morgan Peters said...

mmmm...mushrooms. My new favorite thing about the Pacific NW! Lions mane, shittakes, chantrelles OH MY!