Friday, December 30, 2011

View from the baking table- 10:30 am 12/29/12

A moment of sun between the storms!
Sunrises and Sunsets, when we get to see them, are a highlight of these dark days. 
Bearing witness from our warm bakery with this view out our window, we feel especially lucky. 
And as the sun sets on an old year and rises on a New Year, 
We wish everyone a peaceful 2012 that is full of Love and Light!

"In the depth of winter I found within me an invincible summer"
-Albert Camus


Trish Caron said...

Two Sisters rock!! The most wonderful and artful birthday carrot cake was enjoyed by good friends last night. Kudos to the baker for the delicious confection, not to mention the artful writing/topping...everyone was impressed and delighted. So happy to have Two Sisters in our town. How lucky are we?

Gourmet Coffee Service said...

I love your blog! Happy new Year!