Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anticipating an explosion of color...

Right now Homer feels a little black and white highlighted with shades of gray. The snow lying in some places still untouched glows white and sparkly on these sunny days. Then there is the ice that has been sprayed with black sand lining the road ways with 4 feet high walls that become studies of abstract sculpture as they melt giving relief to the gray of the sky. Our black and white world bleeds over into our moods as the political and social spectrum shows but two shades, continuing to divide us. The walls of the chasm growing an ever thickening skin that common sense can no longer penetrate. As long as we can blame others for our troubles we do not have to face our own shortcomings. But there is hope, like the spring sun shining in the windows showing us how dirty they are making us want to wash them, looking into ourselves to see clearly the truth behind our feelings is like spring cleaning for the soul. Once we are cleansed and our eyes are truly opened, suddenly we can see all the colors, the nuance of differences is so varied we must be conscious of how alike we all are, because for certain we contain more similarities that differences. We all must breathe and sleep and eat...and love.

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m'lis said...

Your beautiful post has given me hope, when I'd almost given it up. So much negativity about, I'm hoping it will begin to quiet down after the election next week.

My first, but certainly not last look at your blog(found you through a link @ Michael Ruhlman). You guys are inspiring.