Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spherifyingly Delicious

tonight's amuse bouche...cucumber around coconut rice
with miso sauce, fresh coriander and ginger spheres

This week's Dinner Special: White King Salmon fire roasted with a ginger and red miso glaze
served on a bed of orange braised chard and topped with ginger caviar


leedav said...

Hello! I found your blog yesterday by googling "lilac jelly" and finding the post on Michael Ruhlman's blog. It's a small world- we spent our honeymoon in Alaska and went to your bakery a couple of times. I am a baker too and loved your cozy space and tasty treats. The photos on this post are gorgeous and I'm wondering if you would divulge the secret of the ginger caviar- is it just tapioca infused with ginger somehow? Thanks!

GaryinAlaska said...

we really missed a touch of heaven carri...... love your food blog. and photos. a gift to us all. gary and susan miller

GaryinAlaska said...

I love your writing Carri, your honesty, your ability with words, I feel I know more of you. Looking forward to your next entry. Gary

Carri said...

Thanks Gary, for the kind words! I have plenty more to come, for sure, if I could just get my head out of the dish sink!
Leedav, Thank You also! I hope to blog about my adventures in spherification, but you could google it for a whole host of methods and's all very scientific!