Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Saddest Day Ever!

This day was going to be hard enough with it being the last day of Red and Irene! But No! Things got more difficult when we realized we had been broken into last night! Money and all the beer...hmmm! It's the first time in our 14 years that something like this has happened, so in a way we are lucky. No one was hurt, and we can make sure it doesn't happen again...Don't leave money and beer where they can find it I guess! CRAZY! As I tell you all all the time...It's always something! We are not going to let this bring us too far down, there is some celebrating to do with the opening of Raspberry Lane...Red, you are going to be great! And Irene gets to go traveling and will no doubt bring us back good stories to show off along with her latest tatoo. We love both of you very much and will be here for you always! (if you ever need bailing out of jail, just call!) Some of us got to see little Luella yesterday...What a Peanut-ella she is! So much for baby-land, it must be time to go back to feeding the people (even if one of them is a thief! ARGHH!) Rock on!

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