Sunday, August 26, 2007

Welcome to the World Luella!

Our treasured friend and sometime barista, Cindy Lou, gave birth to Luella Katherine Pelaia on Sunday morning 9:30 am Alaska time...The family is well and she is BEAUTYFULL! Maya (bakery babay #1) reminds me that this is the first girl bakery baby since Jane (bb#2). "That's 11 years, Mom!" I stood for a minute and it dawned on me that, yes , we've been baking bread and having babies for quite some time now! This ushers in a new age when we can post the blessed event on the web along with the banner painted on butcher paper that no doubt is being made and hung at the bakery as we speak! Spirit week has spiced things up and tried to lighten our mood with the impending departure of Red and Irene..those two have wiggled their way into our hearts very thoroughly! Today was Zombie Apocalypse day...I'm hoping they took pictures, cause I missed it! Friday was Superhero Day and the response was awsome! Tim won for his Mighty Tighty Whitey! Wearing (thankfully clean) white briefs he gives wedgies to the bad guys and all of us a badly needed laugh! The customers were standing on stols to get photos of the crew...can you imagine that part of their vacation photo album! Rich! We'll get the complete schedule for spirit week online ASAP...until then...Sleep tight, Luella!

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Carri said...

I meant to say "the customers stood on their STOOLS" so much for proofreading!