Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bakery Slam!

What a WILD couple of weeks here...it's always so funny to me how for some, July is vacation time. For us it's The Halibut Opener, The Salmon Peak...in a word,CRAZYTOWN!...Fourth of July Weekend set records for both food made and customers served ,it also set off the thoughts in my head about further streamlining our operation, Which lead to my being completely overwhelmed by the tasks at hand...it's a scenario that plays itself out in some form or another every summer. With the prerequisite crisis thrown in, let's just say, things have been very exciting around here! I am so proud of our crew for their grace under pressure and general humor during these hardworking times...most of our customers are very excited to be here, but we do run into the occasional group who have expectations beyond our offerings. While we do have the cafe thing going, we are first and foremost a bakery, we do not deepfry, or serve diet coke or cook eggs to order...we will, however, feed you something that will nourish and maybe even Suprise you. Comment of the week: "Do you have anything that's 'low carb'?" Dude, you are in a BAKERY...what do you think? We struggle with following trends like that, the wheat-free movement is another difficult area, in that to truly be 'wheat free' we have to completely change who we are...at this moment this rationale doesn't make sense, because, we can barely keep up with wheat based products. We always have a wheat free soup and a wheat free dessert, but bread...not so much! I fear I digress...Crazy times call for crazy measures, maybe it's time for a theme day...everyone could dress up as their favorite allergic reaction!


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