Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall is a trip!

At my house, fall means Nasturtiums! Planted from seed, they take forever to get going, but it's such a treat to have them come on strong while everything else is fading into the sunset. Fall at the bakery brings new faces as seasonal staff turns over, we are welcoming Adam, a born Alaskan, just back from a moose hunt with his family. He's our new coffee guy...(look out Johnny!). Everyone is loving Ryan's soups and we're tapping his inner chef for some awesome lunch specials. He made reuben savories yesterday, they sold out so fast and were so great, I can see that becoming a regular lunch thing! It's great to have some fresh energy after the wildness of summer has died down.This next week, I'm heading off to Bend, Oregon to make a wedding cake for Rylie and Delia and hopefully enjoy some slightly warmer weather. When I return it will be time to start revving up for the Holiday season...can you say COOKIES! Kate is bowing out to Maternity leave in mid-October...we are so excited for her! (did I tell you they found out it's another boy?) Melissa, right hand girl of my dreams is also going on winter hiatus...for a year she has kept us all together, can we do it without her? Tune in next week to find out!

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