Monday, September 29, 2008

The Last Farmers Market of the Summer...

Randall had a stellar day to wind up this years was the second sunny saturday all summer...(sorry, Irene!). We stopped by for a photo-op and were treated to fresh oysters and homemade soup! Thanks again to everyone who works so hard to make this a success, not least of all the farmers! And our lovely market manager Shay's no easy task wrangling all those vendors. Some of the farmers will still show up on Wed. and Saturdays to sell the last of their crops, so do stop by to stock up on potatoes and onions and other fall veggies!

We also had a scarecrow building contest on the back porch on saturday afternoon. The sunny day and warm apple cider really revved things up and we ended up with some great entries!

Abby and Natalia got to take a break from barista-ing and built 'Roger' our only entry practising yoga

The Winner is...Scarah Palin! (where's Tina Fey when you need her!)

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Anonymous said...

my dad and i had a good laugh about the "scarah palin".
i miss you guys! tell everyone i said "hullo".