Thursday, November 13, 2008

Art is Everywhere!

We have all new paintings by Barb Wyatt adorning our walls just in time to spruce us up for the holidays!

Ryan made a little art of his own...this nut brittle is inspired!


Kanani said...

I am adding you to my sidebar. I've been to your café & bakery and it's not only wonderful, but memorable.

Carri said...

Thanks, Kanani...You are one busy blogger! If you make your way to Homer again, I would love to meet you! Til then I'm looking forward to READING you! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Carrie, Love your web page
art, philosophy, food and life events incorporated.
That's what I miss about Homer and it's inhabitants.
How you been? Carla from Michigan here (Barb's friend) We are still dealing with the most snow since the 70's this year,ugh.
Best of everything in 2009