Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Favorite Fruitcake

I have many favorite fruitcakes...two of them are my business partners, Sharon and Kate...another one is my husband, so you can see I REALLY like fruitcakes! I even happen to like the kind you eat, which drove me once about 10 years ago or so, to make some fruitcakes both for myself and to see if there were any of my customers that were also closet fruitcake fans. Well, I sold out that year, I'm not even sure I got one! Now, I have had people asking for them for a couple of weeks already. So, yesterday I made my first batch and as is par for the course, had to endure all the bad jokes and crazy family fruitcake stories my 20 something aged employees like to pelt me with...oh and if you want the recipe, I have to admit that I totally ripped off Martha Stewart (who actually ripped it off from her neighbor, Mrs. Maus) so I won't reprint it on the recipe blog (because, honestly I didn't need to alter it one little bit) but I will find you a link...check back later, first I gotta take the little fruitcakes in my life to school!
UPDATE: I guess my enthusiasm in getting recipes online this summer did lead me to put this one up on the recipe blog, so I've given credit where I could, AND I'll start brushing up on my copyright law...cause here it is!
Fruitcake Tasting UPDATE!: We pulled one out and cut it up to sample today and...oh. my. god. (I sold two to the first two tasters!)
By the way...I'd be happy to ship one to you...call (907)235-2280, ask for Carri.


Unknown said...

Fruitcakes of Homer UNITE! Let's start a non-profit! Carri for President. Signed, one of the charter closet fruitcake lovers.

Carri said...

Susan, I'll run if you'll sign on as VP...what a combo we would make! I'll follow you to the ends of the earth...making fruitcake all the way! (can we get together fo a little holiday cheer?!)