Sunday, May 24, 2009

Watermelon Love...

One of our very favorite parts of summer...juicy, crisp, sweet, it's one of the reasons we cannot be called true localvores because Homer is definitely not Watermelon country! Sure, you can grow them in a green house, or maybe someone has managed it under row covers in an extraodinarily sunny spot, but with temps in the high 50's and low 60's for the past few summers we've been lucky to get flowers to bloom and cold crops to thrive! Still, the bakery does get quite warm and on those summer days when it feels like you'll never cool off, we like to get a watermelon and cut it up for the wakes up the senses and cools the hot little mind! Last weekend my friend Celeste showed me another way to cool off with my favorite summer fruit...Marguaritas! So brilliant! Just add a healthy handfull of chopped seedless (or seed-ed!) watermelon chunks to your favorite Marguarita's a summer treat you'll crave again and again!

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The LaVya Initiative said...

Watermelon margaritas!?!? I'm so there!

One of my favorite memories growing up in Oregon, hails from those hot, sleepless, summer nights. It was the days before central air was standard. Dad would load us kids up in the car, and we'd head down to the Safeway about 2 a.m. pick out the biggest, juiciest, watermelon we could find. We'd come back and watch in wonder, as he broke it open with his giant cooking knife, and sit on the back steps, spitting seeds and looking at the moon. Ah, the sweetness of summer!