Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wedding season is winding down...

We are down to our last few weekends of wedding cake madness. This cake started out on paper as a much more elaborate creation breathlessly related to me by the bride just a couple of weeks ago. While setting up, I casually mentioned to the mother of said bride that it seemed like a last minute affair. In a quiet voice she assured me that it had been planned for quite some time, they were all just secretly hoping the bride would change her mind! Well, she did change her mind on the elaborate detail of her cake when I told her what it would cost. Once we got a grip on how much she could actually spend, we were able to come up with a nice simple design and along with some late blooming flowers right from my garden...I think it reflects the moment and the setting perfectly!

Upcoming Events:
Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic is having their annual Iron Chef Competiton at the Saltry Restaurant in Halibut Cove on Sunday, September 6th. It is their biggest fundaraiser of the year and a truly great event where chefs from around the peninsula compete and everybody wins!


Jeff said...

Carri this is great blog. Your sis told me about it being a great read. Keep it up. I will have it on my RSS feed now. Thanks again for all that you do for the community.

Jeff Szarzi

Lorrie said...

That cake looks so summery. The aqua is just next-level. Wish I had thought of it for my wedding.

Carri said...

Aw, thanks, Jeff! means alot coming from you! If you ever come across something you think I should post about, let me know!
Lorrie! I color matched ALMOST perfectly to the table close! I think it worked, though. How's Hotlanta?