Sunday, September 13, 2009


my sweet peas are basking in the long slow sunsets:

You can tell it's fall when...
-you start to recognize the faces in the line...the locals are back because they know they can get a seat!
-the food delivery shows up before 6pm...fewer places in town to deliver to!
-you can find a parking place on the spit
-the flowers on my porch are finally in full bloom:

-and you start to see other people 'in the biz' out and about...and they are smiling!
...on that last note: we had a lovely visit from the new owners of the Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop...Janis Fleishman and Jerry Lewanski opened their bakery earlier this year and are a rousing success. They are a hardworking couple enlisting the help of their whole family to make wholesome organic baked goods out of a cute little house near downtown Anchorage. It's always so inspiring to talk to people with such passion for what they do..and truly an honor for me that they love our place so much! We wish them a successful winter, and I can't wait to get up the road to check them out.
One more such source of constant inspration is the duo of Michael and Donna Ruhlman. Donna has gotten such great feedback from her classic and elegant photos on her husbands site, that she has started a blog of her own where she answers questions and talks technique about how she approaches a certain photograph. It is full of valuable information for beginners (like me) and pros alike and a visual treat to boot.

She has also launched a lovely website at where you can view her gallery of work, purchase high res images and even get medium res photos to use for free.

Parting shot:

These strawberry plants refuse to give up...I like that.

Guilty Pleasure blog of the week:
Adrian Moore...he's the concierge at the Four Seasons George V in Paris and according to Women's Wear Daily, the hottest food blogger in the city of light. Don't you wish he were your best friend?


maya grace said...

lovely sweet peas :) how are my own sweet peas doing?

Carri said...

Your own sweet peas are great and smell lovely! (well, most of us anyway!)

mark said...

I'm thinking about relocating and Homer is on my short list. Do you know of anyone who wouldn't mind answering a few questions about living in Homer? I haven't been able to come up because it's quite a ways from Colorado and kind of expensive a roundtrip. Gratefully,
Mark D.

Adrian said...

Actually, it's concierge at the Four Seasons George V Paris...

Carri said...

OMG, Thanks for the correction, Adrian. How's winter in Paris been?