Thursday, October 15, 2009

The new deli case is here!

finally, two full months after we ordered it is! We took delivery on Tuesday and Sharon spent all day Wednesday filling it's everything we wanted. lots of shelves, sliding glass doors and that beautiful curved glass front. It matches up perfectly with our dry display case and will make the Holiday dessert crush a piece of cake! Because we occupy some strange equipment vortex, when the old one broke in the middle of August, we decided to bite the bullet and spend the money on a new case that was exactly what we wanted instead of making do. (which is how we normally roll) It helped that we had taken on an unusually involved cater gig in July that just happened to bring in enough revenue to cover the cost of the new case. We paid for it up front (goodbye $6000!) and the company we bought from said it would arrive in two weeks. After the third week and no deli case (it was September by this time, still busy, we couldn't stock any desserts, had to store the bars in the back and don't even get me started on the lack of chocolate mousse...very frustrating) We called and e-mailed and finally got word it was on it's way down from Anchorage. Then a few days later the driver calls, he's headed over. I wait patiently for him on the loading heart pounding as he almost backs into the ditch (!) eventually just stopping his truck in the middle of the road. He hopped down and before I could direct him, he looked up at me gloomily and said "You might want to take a look at this thing before we unload...I think it might be broken." My heart dropped right down to the gravely ground. I jumped on his lift and he silently raised the platform. The door opened and there it was, this beautiful, most perfect and looked forward to piece of equipment in Bakery history with the curved front glass completely shattered. Now it had been a hard summer already, so seeing this disaster, I started to cry right there in the back of the truck. The poor driver, led me back out and got his paperwork for us to refuse delivery. I pulled myself together (silly girl!) and called the company, starting a whole new slew of phone tag and e-mail updates. It took an entire month more, and much frustration on our part as we watched our revenue lower due to lack of dessert sales. I think in the end it was a good purchase and will be a good story to laugh about...someday.
Oh, and yes, Kathy, I'm incredibly pleased to report we DO have Boca Negra today!

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tony said...

Hi Sisters,
I just discovered your blog through my friend Anita's links on her Flying Squirrel Bakery blog.

I first discovered you in the fall of '93 when I spent part of the fall and winter living in that old little trailer park near the Elk's Lodge. My daily habit quickly became a short walk from my trailer to your cafe where I would savor a cup of the best espresso and a homemade goodie of some kind while browsing the newspaper. I was working seasonally so I was free to linger and enjoy your ambience, and then spend the rest of the day walking the beach and painting in my sketchbooks. To this day you are inseparable with Homer in my mind, and whenever I venture down there I always look forward to my visit to Two Sisters. Thank you for still being there!

Tony Crocetto