Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feeling the love...

The Homer music scene has always been an eclectic, varied offering. Here at the Bakes we've been big supporters over the years hosting the likes of Michelle Shocked and Dar Williams and feeding many more like John Prine and, my favorite, Ladysmith Black Mambazo. (Their recording "Graceland" with Paul Simon is one great kitchen CD) The hug I got from Bruce Cockburn on my back porch as he was waiting for his cab is also a huge highlight. (I've been a fan of his since my early days ski bumming in the Tetons...all I can say is "Goosebumps!") Now that I really think about it, though, my biggest musical moment came when Ritchie Havens moved into our B&B rooms for 3 days. (once, a bunch of years ago, I went through a huge ordeal to get one of his CD's for my husband's birthday) Normally, performers who stay with us are in and out overnight. We're happy if we get to greet them at the door when they check in and hopefully serve them a latte and sticky bun in the morning before they jet off to the next show. Well, Ritchie was able to dig in and enjoy the scene. He spent his mornings sitting at the counter, just a knee wall away from where I was cooking. On his 2nd morning in town, I had a quiet chuckle as he was being chatted up by my neighbor and local rogue, Billy Sullivan. But then, as I caught on to the conversation, I realized that Ritchie was relating his Woodstock experience to Billy. How he had to keep playing because the band that was scheduled to follow him was late (I believe it was the Who) He improvised this song that became an anti-war cry for an entire era. There I was...chopping mushrooms for soup, afraid of walking away from my station & missing anything he had to say. I could've burned a million pans of whatever, I was gonna stand there until he stopped talking. The next morning he sat in his spot and the line went out the door with people wanting a signed anything from him- talk about feeling the love.
Tomorrow, Thursday, March 4th (7 pm Down East Saloon), another old friend is coming to visit:

The Peter Rowan Trio has graced the Homer stage before. My favorite memory if his first visit: We were in the space the bakery occupied in the Old Inlet Trading Post and he was staying in the rooms above. 'Sister' Kate was fairly new to the bakery and Homer but was a huge fan of Peter Rowan. She hung around all day hoping to meet him. It wasn't until after she left he made his way down the slanted stairs next to the bakery. We were able to exchange a warm greeting and as he was leaving Sharon stuck a flower in the lapel of his mustard yellow jacket, "This is for Kate, she's a really big fan"

Coming this spring: Erin McKeown!


sharon said...

That's funny, Carri. I remember putting the sweet pea in his lapel, too. We really ARE soul sisters, aren't we? Nice post!

Susitna Cafe' said...

hello homer friend, it's Susitna Cafe' again...just checking-in to see what's happening up north. i've been busy baking dog bones to celebrate The Iditarod...oh, and i almost forgot about my baking some chocolate caffe' ahh...roma biscotti too. well, now that i have some time between posts, i've decided to add some Alaska food blog links to my you mind if i include yours? cheers!