Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break...scenes from a busy bakery!

I returned from a week of fun with my family to find the bakery busy as can be for mid March in the middle of a recession. The fire was nice and hot, the oven and Sharon pumping out some beautiful baked goods: bread, sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, savory danishes...Mel and I could barely keep up (I think I frosted 5 cakes today, not to mention cupcakes by the dozen!) What with the Homer Winter King Salmon Tourny in full swing today and lovely weather getting everyone else out, it sort of felt like summer for a minute there...


maya grace said...

I will see you in exactly 3 months!
i can't wait!

backyards said...

My name is Melissa. My sister and I used to come to your bakery during the summer on our travels up north. We are very nostalgic for your savory breakfast danishes and I'm wondering if you can post any recipes to give me a clue as to how to make them ,,, Sarah and I came every summer from 99-02 and do crosswords with good ole Albert whom we still keep in touch with. We both live in Hawaii now and our sending you our aloha! Cheers


Carri said...

Hey, Melissa...I think I remember you gals! If you check out the recipe blog, the danish dough recipe is up there. We are working on posting more recipes, so I'll be sure to get some detailed instructions up for you...go to
and thanks for keeping up with us! Aloha!