Sunday, October 24, 2010

Carmel Apples.

I promised you she would make them. 

We remember apple picking every fall. (Sharon is from Pensylvania, I'm a Michigander)
 The cider. The doughnuts. 
But most of all...the carmel apples. 

Sharon recently perfected her carmel sauce and she was so excited to use it to make carmel apples this fall. 
She let the carmel cook just a little longer to reduce the water content, and washed and dried organic apples. a skewer, appropriately placed and a dip in the slightly cooled carmel.
It really isn't fall until you've had one of these:

All wrapped up for your favorite ghoul:

and while your at it...why not stock up on some spider cupcakes.

or ghoulish merengue mummies...

or ghastly ghosts! 


Barbette said...

Oh geez, can you imagine how 'sweet' some of those local, teensy apples would be con caramelo? I must try! Thanks!

Carri said...

mmmm...Barb, your killing me! That has to tried, save one for me!

jenny said...

You've inspired me...we're making caramel apples this afternoon, with Sharon's (non-corn-syrup recipe---thank you Sharon!!!) and our local Ohio apples.
I LOVE the mummies--they look so cute!

sharon said...

Sharon here. Just wanted to add a few details. The caramel recipe I cooked to 250 degrees F. You can use your handy-dandy-candy thermometer, or just keep some ice water nearby. Keep testing the caramel as it thickens by drizzling a little on the ice and checking to see if it is toothsome and about as sticky as you like it (sorry, you might have to taste it...)
Also, don't be afraid to make too much. You can reheat the extra over a double boiler to dip more apples later, or cut out caramels to wrap into kisses. Carri just did that the other day, though she took it over the top with chocolate and nuts, too... She's kinda crazy that way...