Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Fall is one of our favorite times of the year here at the bakery. Business has slowed, but not so quiet we're worried. It's more like, ahh...we can breathe. Create. Experiment. I read a lot about food and cooking and it's nice to be able to implement fun ideas when they come your way. This ciabatta is just that. When I read on writer Michael Ruhlman's excellent food blog about his Chipotle Corn Ciabatta, I couldn't wait to adapt this to our own ciabatta bread. I don't generally make the bread here at the bakery, Abbey and Sharon do the brunt of the bread baking during their early morning shifts. One bread I still get to do is the ciabatta on tuesdays. I have to make a plain version because we have such a following for it, but the last few weeks, I've been making a kalamata olive flavor also. Then I read Ruhlman's post. It sounded so good I had to try it out today. Oh, I made plain and k.olive loaves, too, by dividing my double batch of starter into thirds. I placed the very wet dough into bowls. Little slips of paper on the top of each cloth covered bowl reminded me of the timed intervals at which I had to 'turn' each batch. I was a veritable ciabatta factory, so fun! It came out beautiful and was a total hit. One thing I changed is, sadly, I had no corn...so I used cheddar cheese instead. Yeah.  

When I wasn't in bread-land I realized that it was time to make some scary treats. A little carrot cake jelly roll turned into creepy goblins and the ever popular 'Boo Brownies' made their first appearance of the season. Bite Me, indeed.


Coming soon...Sharon's carmel apples. You know you want one.


Anonymous said...

What a really fun post, Carri! I love all the imagination and effort that went into the many treats.

I also love that your Ruhlman Ciabatta looks like a ciabatta unlike his. Looks like you didn't do the focaccia-like stippling and oiling. Is that so?


Carri said...

Hey, Skip...glad you enjoyed it! We had alot of fun with our treats. As for the ciabatta, I wanted a loaf, so I folded it into one, instead of pulling it flat into the focaccia shape like MR did, if I had, I would have oiled it. I do stipple my loaves before they bake, but they always poof back up again!