Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

 Welcome 2013!

"It's important to begin a search on a full stomach."

Henry Bromel
Northern Exposure, The Big Kiss, 1991

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies...Cater!
It was a crazy holiday season here at the bakery! Lots of cookies, cakes and breads flying out the door amidst the snow and the rain and the WIND! Christmas eve eve alone brought 2 feet of snow, which unfortunately was washed away by New Years eve. We did our best to be here through all of that, but mailmen we are not and we ended up closing dinner a couple of nights due to bad roads and part of the crew being stuck in their driveways. Those folks that were able to get to work did a fine job loading the cases. What a warm wonderful sight to be greeted with on a dark and cold snowy day! 

Everyone is dug out, Dinners are back on our regular schedule. 
(Wed thru Sat 6-9pm)

Now that the holidays are over, it's all about the FRESH! (or as fresh as we can find it in the middle of winter in Alaska!)
Spring rolls, our most popular catering item, have jumped onto the dinner specials list just in time to lighten things up...perhaps a nice noodle bowl or a squash salad to go with. A good way to keep your resolutions and not feel like your missing out. 
Speaking of missing out, it's true the season for these is over, but I just had to share!

Sharon's Yule Logs were just beautiful!

Welcoming adventure is what life is all about up here, and one of our crew is enabling just that. Evening server Stevie is assisting her boyfriend Lonnie Dupre as he makes his 3rd attempt at soloing Denali. He is hoping to fly to the mountain today, weather shamans permitting. You can help by supporting their kickstarter campaign to help bring awareness of the effects of climate change on the arctic. Cold Love indeed...Good Luck, Lonnie!

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