Friday, February 1, 2013

F is for February

Pear Gorgonzola and Walnut Borekas cooling in the window on an unusually sunny afternoon
The first month of 2013 was a bit sloppy and slippery, at least if you were trying to get around outside. We kept things warm and cozy inside, though! We enjoyed our busiest January ever even with all the bad weather and sketchy road conditions. Thanks to everyone who has helped us keep it all together and to the rest of you who keep coming back for more!

Hilary has her Challah braid DOWN!
Just a reminder...(this means YOU, Marvin) the challah isn't usually ready until noon or one. We aren't making very much, so it's good to reserve early. (Tom K. perhaps a standing order to make sure you get yours?)  
time to make more soup?
The soups have been flying off the stove on these chilly to the bone days. Latest favorite is a Coconut Chicken with Lime. Warms you from the inside out! 
fresh ricotta cheese! 
We are making our own ricotta for the dinner menu...we put it on the squash salad and use it in eggplant lasagne. I just love it like this, warm from the towel and spread on fresh sourdough bread. So incredibly good!

Kim Chee...the beginning!
Sous Chef Morgan got the book 'The Art of Fermentation' for Christmas and her first batch of Kim Chee will be ready soon...Look for it on the dinner specials menu this month! 

We are putting together a special menu for Valentine's Day! 
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