Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Billy Bob cooks with fire!

The constant firing of the oven gives us many ways to test the possibilities of cooking with fire...these are pans of cabbage and sweet potato being roasted for the focaccia sandwiches that will be made up for lunch today. Sharon jokes that she remembered a show on PBS in New York when she was a kid called 'Billy Bob cooks with fire'...I loved that so much! It speaks to what we are doing every day these days. Fire is such an integral part of cooking, yet few of us have to manage it on such a basic level as to build the oven, harvest the wood, make the fire, then cook the food! It reminds me of a winter I spent living in the woods in Idaho as a very young Carri. The little cabin I rented had only a wood cook stove. Boy did I learn a lot! It must have stuck, cause here I am...CHOOSING to do it this way...just don't call me Billy Bob.

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