Saturday, May 24, 2008

Game on!

It's Memorial Day weekend! Homer is hopping with activities as the Seafest gets underway incorporating the Wooden Boat Festival, the Kayak Festival and everything else nautical...the Blessing of the Fleet is tomorrow, too! Homer is hosting the visiting exhibit of Eyes Wide Open...they set up pairs of boots and read the names of Americans and Iraqis killed the Iraq war. My daughter Maya (ever the activist) is reading for an hour with a couple of her's being held near the Bakery at Bishops Beach, so hopefully I will be able to slip away from the baking table long enough to check it out. We are catering a party today on top of all the BUSY-NESS! Staying open until 8 has met with an ever growing audience of folks who are glad to be able to get their bakery fix without thinking so much about the time. It's light so late now that it's hard to know when to go home.

Staff on!
Everyone is here! Laura, the intern from New England Culinary Institue has her tent set up in the bakery yard, Irene is back from Portland to rock our world. Red has just wrapped up her first year of Raspberry Lane Preschool and is jumping back in the bakery saddle for the summer. Johnny is returned from 6 months in New Zealand (working in a coffee house,now he thinks he's a coffee god,has he got a lot to learn!) . We welcome Brianna to the fold, fresh in from Minnesota...When she stepped into the fray a couple of weeks ago I asked her, "How do you feel about 'baptism by fire'?! Her reply? "I prefer it that way!" I knew she was the girl for us! The die-hard winter folks are, like me, happy to have some fresh horses! Many thanks to Ben, Abbey & Keri for sticking with us! Oh and I forgot about Mr. Randall Pine who opted to work for us instead of going back to the Princess Lodge for the summer...he is a workhorse of mythical proportions who works way past his required hours and adds a welcome slice of dry humor to the mix!

Congratulations to all our Seniors who graduated high school...Haven, Emily, Jenny, Tygan, Gillian and Sophie!

Bakery Band is coming together with Irene, Ben and Haven...we are having fun thinking of names for them!
(my current fave is the 'oily balls'...dough balls, that is!)

Bakery Band Update: Name:The Dirty Rags...genre: Melodic Punk...Name of first CD: Oily Balls...SWEET!

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