Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pizza Nights begin!

Ben is holding our first ever pizza to order! We just kicked off what we hope will be a fun and popular excursion into the evening dining scene here in Homer. I know that there are already a few...okay, several pizza places in town, a couple of them even bake in wood fired's just that we have this brick oven, you see, and since we are already there baking bread in the evenings, it seems like the thing to do! We are open now until 8 pm EVERY DAY, serving not just pizzas, but our delicious soups and sandwiches and DESSERTS! The transition to night baking has been a little rough on the bread end as we figure out mixing, proofing and baking times and temps...I have to admit my breads have been a victim of that learning curve, I'll spare you the picture of white trash loaves burnt to crisp on the outside and not quite done on the inside. With the price of flour so high, I'd better get it together quick, or else the boss will 'fire' me!

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