Saturday, June 14, 2008

15 years...

This past May, amongst little fanfair, the bakery turned 15. It's hard to believe I've been doing anything for that long, and it can only mean one thing...My Maya, bakery babe numero uno is also 15! This year is extra special with it being her Golden Birthday, the big day is Sunday (the 15th, yeah) and she has chosen a quiet celebration with a few friends. Her big request to mark this time is to get her nose pierced and by the sound of my husbands voice, he's going to go along with it! wonders never cease! I think she knows exactly how she wants to be seen by the the world (its so much of what this age is about!), and she's right, it would look great on her! Last summer she waited until her father left for Bristol Bay and she dyed her hair purple before I put her on the plane to Interlochen for summer camp. I went along with it because it was a great way for her to try standing out against the rules and regs of camp life and it wasn't permanent...or so we thought, oops! Truly, I am a mother with little backbone, but I sure got me some cute kids...Happy Birthday Maya!

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