Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wedding Cake Bliss

Wedding season has begun in earnest! Every weekend from now til August is full of cakes of the wedded variety. I've been talking brides down out of the trees, so to speak, all spring(they call me the 'bride whisperer...), so now we are having to prove we are up to the task! Yesterday was a particularly crazy day with two cakes on the books. I baked them on thursday, filled and crumb coated on friday and then finished the icing and construction on Saturday. This was cake #2, delivered to Lands End Resort with the help of daughter Maya. On the way in we tried to count how many wedding cakes she has helped me deliver over the years. From the time she could walk she would help carry my tools or the flowers, always wanting to place one or two herself. Now she can all but set it up without me!


jazminq said...

I absolutely love wedding cakes. The best part about wedding coordinating is when the cake comes in because the aromas are so sweet. I love the name of your blog by the way.


Carri said...

every wedding is so different...THAT'S what I love about weddings! Thanks for stopping by, jazminq, it looks like you know all about that wedding thing!