Monday, January 1, 2018

The Rain in Spain

Parabere Forum 2017 was in Barcelona Spain. 
Sharon and I met our friends Lotta and Titti from Sweden for a week of touring, talks and tables full of food and interesting people!

First stop The Jane Hotel in NYC. Also hit The Spotted Pig (crazy place) and Blue Hill (so much beautiful food)

a stop at the Whitney. Lunch there was divine.

Once in Spain find a market and get some coffee with your ladies.

and maybe visit a winery while your at it!

Alaska seafood is everywhere. 

Joan Roca. Love him.

ALL the jamon

Our apartment was in the lower building on the right. great locale.

Gaudi LIVES!

Our new best friend Jessie Cool. She is so cool.

and we ate...

and ate...

and looked

art was everywhere!

digging up a little Catalonian history. prescient. 

more jamon. cant get enough!

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